5 Critical Topics We’ll Cover On friendlii.com

Better is possible.



friendlii aims to be a giving tree, to offer help and good answers. Not hype.

But without good questions, good answers have no place to go. 🙂

questions_topicThis is why we want you to ask us questions, whether you’re mortgage shoppers, someone looking for a job in the mortgage industry, a mortgage broker looking to level up, or you name-it.

They don’t need to be fancy questions. For example: Who’s hiring this week? Could you invite so and so for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ event?
Can you name some resources (think: newsletters, blogs, etc.) re you-name-it?

Like what you hear so far? 😊


It’s the stage where most of the major events in life are played out.

In life and in business, conversation is like oxygen: if it’s not there, then it’s all people notice.

conversation_topicYou know what’s funny? Most of the helpful advice you see out there on how to converse well is STILL focused ONLY on in-person chats. They, of course, still have an important role in our lives.

But let’s not forget: The meet-and-greet and fact-finding aspects of many decisions are now being done online.

Is the tone of your digital welcome mat conversational? Many problems in life are caused solely by tone of speech.

Is your team empowered to ask good questions?

Is your team empowered to tactfully follow-up with folks re less than ideal comments/reviews?

Are you sure?

Consider this scenario: Say a potential client has a less than ideal experience with your business. You review it promptly, find out that it was basically just a misunderstanding, and proceed to correct it.

Meanwhile, the potential client did not realize that it was a misunderstanding, they did not yet see the end result of your actions to make things right, and, in a moment of dissatisfaction, they decided to leave you a 2-star FB review.

Once everything is straightened out, does your team know how to go back and tactfully ask that person to update their experience? Are you sure?

(If you want to get our one-sentence question for how to tactfully ask someone to update their experience, simply send us an email to hi@friendlii.com.)

Listen, we’re not psychiatrists or psychologists, but this much is common sense: having a real conversation takes caring.

Your words are your currency; they tell people who you are. They can make you seem fun, warm, competent, and trustworthy. And they can also make you seem uninteresting or, God forbid, flat-out tiresome.

Going forward, we’ll all have to put a new value on two often-overlooked skills in business: being approachable online and conversing well digitally.


mindset_topicIf you examine the journeys of folks who are universally loved and seen as being productive (e.g. Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, etc.), you soon notice that at every significant ‘level-up moment,’ there was a change in the way they thought which made it happen.

Stop right now if you feel that this is fluffy stuff.

The mindset you bring to your business can and will determine your level of success and lifestyle satisfaction.


marketing_topicMarketing is a transfer of emotion. It’s only when you connect emotionally with folks that your ideas get a chance to add value to their lives.

Tall order?

You bet.

A lot of work?

Heck yes!

But what’s the alternative?


Because innovation is one of the biggest challenges which today’s companies are facing, our editors are putting together stories that you can use for learning and inspiration.

We also plan to publish reports which will not only identify trends, but which will put them in context for you and give you the tools to make the most out of them.

forcasting_topicTo give you a tiny taste, let’s briefly discuss ‘athleisure,’ aka ‘lifewear.’ 🙂

More Canadians than ever are working outside of/away from conventional offices. This trend is affecting both the way we live and what we wear.

This is why friendlii is predicting that athleisure/lifewear clothing will become even more popular in the near future.

We will all be wearing more comfortable clothing that can look good at home on the couch, in a meeting at the co-working office, or at your local Starbucks.

Do you own any athleisure/lifewear? 😊

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