a friendlii espresso chat with Natasha Mohr

Mortgage Professional at mohrmortgage.ca

Es·pres·so ☕️

An espresso is a condensed treat, served in a tiny cup, and you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy it. Just like friendlii espresso chats. 😊

the friendlii crew:  Natasha, what’s your favourite airplane snack?

Natasha: Ativan lol. I don’t travel well. I get extremely anxious and work myself up so much that I get physically sick. I have suffered on many family vacations being the person throwing up into that lovely white paper bag, until someone was kind enough to tell me that you can take drugs for a fear of flights. Who would have thought!!

the friendlii crew:  Which podcast have you most recommended to others, and why?

Natasha: Don’t judge me for this, but I am yet to listen to a podcast… I know I’m judging myself right now..

the friendlii crew:  What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Natasha: Just be you. It’s so easy to want to become an image of what you think a mortgage broker is supposed to look like or be. By doing this, I feel we can come across as phoney or insincere. I found success by just being me, not conforming.

the friendlii crew:  Is there something we didn’t ask you about Natasha 🙂 that you really want to share?

Natasha: I hope to make this world a better place someday.

the friendlii crew:  Thank you for your time and for sharing, Natasha, and all the best until next time! 💝

p.s. Following our chats, we often ask our guests to do one unexpected and fun activity. For Natasha, we asked her to do an activity which we plan to do more of in the future: an ‘interview via pie charts.’ Below is her answer.


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