A story about a rumour that turned out to be a truth.


// File this under: we spread stories about folks like Sarah simply because we’re in awe of their craft, and the only way we can repay them is to share their craft with others. 😊 //

Yes, you read it right.

If you ask Caitlyn and Karlee, aka the heroes of this story, they’ll tell you that it all started with a rumour they heard someplace. (Online, offline… what line?)

The rumour?

That there’s this company in Saskatoon where folks call themselves happiness builders. And if that alone was not intriguing enough, the word on the interwebs was that a working day there could often feel like being on the set of a sitcom like Seinfeld or Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“Hmm,” was their first reaction.

Next, Caitlyn and Karlee leaned in.

They didn’t do so because they were naive. They knew that even good companies, just like good sitcoms, are likely filled with inconveniences and challenges and pains and awkwardness. That part is to be expected, but it rarely draws folks in.

The reason why Caitlyn and Karlee leaned in to hear more about this company was simple: If its DNA was anything like that of a good sitcom, then it must have the potential to turn many regular days from grey to lit.

You see, good sitcoms tend to turn our regular days from grey to lit because they are filled with great people, inspiring conversations, gentle teaching moments, and a lot of fun.

So if there’s a company resembling a good sitcom even a lil’ bit, the reason must be because it’s filled with great people, inspiring conversations, gentle teaching moments, and a lot of fun, thought Caitlyn and Karlee.

As luck would have it, not long after first hearing about that company, Caitlyn and Karlee discovered that it had an opening.

They both took action. And while there was only one opening, because they were both such an amazing cultural fit, the company wanted them both to join.

The company in the above story is mint mortgage, and we’re beyond stoked to have Caitlyn Lungull & Karlee Willard, two hardworking, helpful, kind, intelligent, and fun people coming onboard.

Over to you: First, if you read this far down, here is a hug. (>^-^)>.

Second, please join us in welcoming Caitlyn and Karlee to our team.

Finally, please keep an eye on this space because the next adventure featuring Caitlyn & Karlee and the mint mortgage crew just might be around the corner. 🙂

— Sarah Schiess