Has your ad agency added your biz to Bing Places for Business yet? (You know, pictures, social media links, the works.)

“I don’t know, I’ll have to ask. But, wait, what’s Bing Places for Business anyway?”

It’s a newish thing, basically a copy of ‘Google My Business’ on the Bing search engine.

“I see. Why bother? It’s Bing,” you might say.

It’s true, Bing isn’t nearly as big as Google. So it’s easy to neglect Bing. We get that.

But listen to this: Bing controls 33% of search.

A third of anything is no small chunk, right? It’s like $33 in a hundo.

So, please, get someone on it.


“Wait, I thought Google had search all wrapped up by now. What’s going on?”

We hear ya. The short answer to the question of why Bing is still going strong: So many people search for info by using computers that they are given at work.

As you know, those computers are almost always PCs. Those same PCs, surprise surprise, have Internet Explorer as their default browser, and their search engine is by default set to Bing.

And if folks never bother to install Firefox, or go through the simple steps to replace Bing with Google, Bing is the king of the castle! (If you look around work places, you might notice that when you ask people to Google something, it takes them a number of steps just to get to Google.)

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