a friendlii espresso chat with Catherine Adams

(VP of BIz Dev at Genworth)

A friendlii espresso chat between Sarah Schiess (founder of mint mortgage) & Catherine Adams (VP of BIz Dev at Genworth)

Es·pres·so ☕️

An espresso is a condensed treat, served in a tiny cup, and you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy it. Just like friendlii espresso chats. 😊

Sarah:  Thanks for stopping by our HQ for a friendlii chat, Catherine! Love your energy. Should we start off with emotions? In business, is there any room for emotion, or do you need to separate the two?

Catherine: I think there’s room for emotion. I always think compassion. I think fairness.

Sarah:  “Should I call or should I type?” How do you decide when communicating with a colleague or customer?

Catherine: I pick up the phone.

Sarah:  It’s still, it’s pick up the phone?

Catherine: I think so.

Sarah:  Any video chats?

Catherine: No. 😊

Sarah:  Where do I look to for wisdom?

Catherine: I kind of wait for things to settle around me. I find if I push myself to make a decision on something too soon, it’s usually the wrong choice, the wrong decision. I find, a lot of times, if you just sort of wait and allow things to settle over you, you’ll come to it and then you’re agreeing and you talk to people.

Sarah:  Do you have a favorite song that you listen to to get pumped up?

Catherine: Probably stuff like Journey, you know, something like that.

Sarah:  Second last question: who is Catherine five years from now?

Catherine: Retired.

Sarah:  Really?

Catherine: Yeah.

Sarah:  Okay, mind blown. Now.

Before I ask the last question, let me just remind you that this chat will be shared/published on friendlii, because it’s the place designed to help great people and great companies in the mortgage industry find, feel, and inspire each other.

Having said that, can you remember an instance when our colleagues and peeps in the mortgage biz came to your help in a way that surprised and perhaps inspired you?

Catherine: Yes. I was on my way to visit a client, and my sister called me to say that our dad was ill and falling apart at the seams. I knew that I was going to have to move my daddy with me immediately, and that I’d have to rearrange a number of things, figure out how to support my accounts, etc.

After I shared my challenges with them, all of my immediate colleagues pitched in, and like five of us made everything work. Seamlessly. We crafted the internal communication, we crafted the external communication… And all of my customers were so supportive. I was getting texts and emails from lenders, you know, “Hey, I was thinking about your dad, and I hope it’s going well,” and, you know, it was amazing how folks in our industry were supportive. I was out for over four months, and they all looked out for me.

Sarah:  Wow — what a great story, and a reminder that we’re surrounded by some pretty amazing folks in our neck of the woods. Thank you again for your time and for sharing, Catherine. 😊

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