It’s a twofer!

From our friends at the 2016 RITD

The surprise prize for the third week of the 2016 RITD is a twofer: an official YouTube water bottle, and a ‘Ho, Ho, No’ t-shirt.

Here’s why we’re giving this combo away: the holiday season can be a lot of work, and if you’re anything like most people, you may be feeling both a bit dehydrated and exhausted. 🙂

“Alright! How do I enter?”

1. Bake a cookie. 2. Snap a picture of your creation. 3. Click this link to send it in between Dec 4 and midnight on Dec 10. That’s it. Go! 🙂

All entries will go into a draw for one ‘Ho, Ho, No’ t-shirt and YouTube water bottle combo (as pictured in this post). Good luck! (T-shirt image via Allntrends.)

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