5 things a lawyer hates to hear from a mortgage broker 😔

the 3-minute mental tic-tac you didn’t know you were looking for 🎶

by Sami A. Shenouda, LL.B

  1. “Sorry about the short notice, but closing is in a few days.”
  2. “The file has been instructed. Are you sure you don’t have mortgage instructions?”
  3. “There are debts to pay on closing, but I don’t have the card / loan numbers and you will have to get those from the client(s).”
  4. “The client is using Bridge / Interim financing, but there is a different Solicitor handling the Sale or the Purchase.”
    This causes a huge problem, as the Solicitor must give an undertaking to the lender, and the client must sign a direction. We have to get the other Solicitor to send us the sale documents so that we can then provide an undertaking to the lender.
  5. “Sorry, the client is on vacation until such date, and you will have to get them in the day before Closing to sign documents.”

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