Ever heard that word before?


Ever heard that word (Maintovation) before?

If not, you’re not alone.

‘Huh?’ was all I said when my digital elves first introduced the concept to me.

You can think of Maintovation as the kind of innovation your business needs the way that your home needs indoor plumbing.

Let me give you two simple examples of Maintovation which can made a big difference to your business.

1. Your online mortgage application. Does your online application look good on all devices?

If your website goes down, could you still email/text folks the link to your application? If not, why not? (People don’t care as much about websites like yours or mine as we’d like them to. They want help getting a mortgage. And they know that a mortgage application is the bridge to getting a mortgage.)

Right now, do you know if someone started an application and got one third or two thirds of the way through but did not hit the ‘submit’ button? (Maybe they got distracted, or their phone ran out of battery.)

You see, those are some of the questions that I can NOW answer with a big YES. And that’s thanks to the Maintovation which my digital elves introduced to my mortgage application.

2. Branding matters.

Imagine one of your team members, or a new hire, wanting to promote your brand and needing a copy of your you-name-it brand assets. But it’s Sunday afternoon. Your office is closed. What would they do? Would they text/email you? What then?

Now, imagine if you had a cloud-based brand folder where all of your wonderful and approved brand assets could simply and easily be accessed 24/7. Most of you do, and that’s great. But do your people know how and where they are to use your brand assets most effectively? Thanks to Maintovation, I have such a system.

Let’s wrap this up.

Thinking about mundane things that help you run smoothly is not fun or flashy. You may even quietly resent your dependence on them. But if your business is anything like mine, you and your growth depend on them.

The question is this: Are those mundane things (e.g. your app) as productive, safe, and enjoyable to use as they could be? If not, why not? Who’s looking after that? If not you, who? If not now, when?

Listen: Maintovation is not about you building the next Facebook. Maintovation is all about levelling up the mundane things you depend on so that you can do what you do well.

You don’t need more information. You just have to leap. Maintovation can help you do that.

Questions? Comments? I’m happy to share more. 📩

Shine on,
Sarah Schiess 🌟

p.s. Once you start looking around, you’ll notice examples of Mainovation everywhere. Take Uber: it did not invent cars, drivers, or people needing rides from point A to point B. Uber simply levelled up the ‘plumbing’ of getting rides, no?

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