a friendlii chat with Sam Samadi

aka 'Wall Street'

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the friendlii crew:  Can you tell us three things about yourself that people can’t Google?

Sam: Three things about myself that people can’t Google? That’s a tough one because Google is really pretty accurate these days.

the friendlii crew:  😊 Just to clarify, our intention is not to corral this into a conversation about mortgages or the mortgage industry. Our intention is to get to know you a little bit.

Sam: Oh, then I appreciate that. I’m gonna take the walls down. 😊

Number one, I have two beautiful boys. A lot of my effort goes into assisting and benefiting them.

Number two, I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. I really like Star Wars.

And number three, very few people know this, but the first time I met my wife I actually threw up on her.

the friendlii crew:  😊 You need to elaborate at least a bit. How do you throw up on someone?

Sam: You mean I can’t save something for the imagination?

the friendlii crew:  😊 Were you having a meal, or… Please, tell us: what happened?

Sam: A good friend of mine has a cabin out in Crowsnest Pass. During our youth, he would throw really cool parties and kind of invite everyone to stay there. We called it a cabin, but I think the place can sleep 20 people easily.

(Image via crowsnestpass.com.)

So, there was this New Year’s party many, many years ago, which I attended. And I had my cousin visiting, who was at the time an engineering student at McGill University.

On our way to the cabin, my cousin kept telling me about how they’re big partiers at McGill, and how he had ‘learned‘ how to hold his liquor over the past few years, and that he tends to drink a lot more than he used to.

Me being the senior cousin, I was like, “Oh yeah, I hear you. I think you still definitely wanna pace yourself, though. It’s New Year’s eve, you certainly wanna make sure to have a good time, but you also want to remember most of it, as well.”

So, we got to the party, and my cousin, being very exuberant and outgoing, was having a great time, and I don’t think he was really paying attention to how much he was having, he kept drinking and drinking. I kept socializing with my friends, and I found this nice young girl, so I struck up a conversation with her.

She was currently back in southern Alberta, taking a bit of vacation from her work as a nurse at Stollery hospital in Edmonton. So while the two us were having a nice conversation, we couldn’t help but notice that my cousin was getting out of hand. He was trying to raise the roof and increase the level of the party. So, she starts talking to me about that, and I said, “Yeah, he’s my cousin, I have to keep an eye on him.”

Long story short, my cousin was shortly passed out, and within the next 30 minutes he was waking up to throw up. So, me and this nice young girl got to know about one another while caring for him and cleaning up after him. And I would have to add a small detail to this story: at that point, I don’t think it was even 11pm.

the friendlii crew:  Hahaha!

Sam: So, after we got him cleaned up and put him to bed properly, hoping that he wouldn’t be too hurt the next day, then I decided, you know what, I can enjoy myself a bit and loosen up. And now I’m not keeping track of how many beverages I’ve had. So, I’m still hanging out with this nice girl, and we’re chatting, and, long story short, I woke up the next day with a really bad headache and I can’t really remember what happened.

So, I start talking to my friends, and they start filling me in on what happened, and they said that, shortly after midnight, I started throwing up, and I threw up all over that nice girl I was chatting with, and she ended up cleaning up after me.

I was so ashamed and totally avoided eye contact with her the next day and kept to myself. I thought she was a friend of one of my friends’ girlfriends’, so I’d probably never see her again, and nobody was gonna remember this episode.

Not even two months later, I just finished my shift, and my friends call me saying, “Would you mind picking us up? We’re at a pub, and none of us is in a condition to drive, and we know that you’re getting off late, so would you mind picking us up?” Being a good guy, I said, “For sure.”

And I remember this moment very clearly: I walked into the bar, and I was kind of looking into the distance, and I see my good friend, the same friend who owned that cabin. I lock eyes with him. He has this big, dumb grin on his face. And I can’t figure out why. And he turns his head to the right, and I follow his smile and his gaze, and I see off to his side is that poor girl that I threw up on at that New Year’s party.

the friendlii crew:  Hahaha!

Sam: So, I had to go up to her and apologize and at least offer to buy her a dinner and try to show her that I’m not such a bad guy who goes around throwing up on everybody he meets for the first time.

the friendlii crew:  That’s an amazing story, Sam!

Sam: And I’ve been digging my way out of that hole ever since! 😊

the friendlii crew:  It’s a bonding experience, no? Speaking of bonding experiences, which book have you most often gifted to others, and why?

Sam: I haven’t really gifted many books, but I’ve gifted concepts from books. One book that I read a few years ago really stuck with me, and I wish I could remember the author’s name, but the book’s title was “How Full Is Your Bucket.”

The concept the book was trying to underline was this: Everybody has stuff ‘dripping’ into their bucket constantly. Are you adding to people’s buckets, or are you helping them scoop the water out of it?

So, that concept stuck with me to this day. Am I helping to lighten the burden?

the friendlii crew:  How did you get that book?

Sam: I had the fortune of working for a fantastic… let’s call him a relationship manager at my previous employer, First National. He had talked about this book, and he ended up gifting a copy to me. I read it, and to this day it’s still sitting behind me on one of my shelves. Let me turn around to grab it and we can both see the author.

(Click on the image for more info.)

the friendlii crew:  Thank you for sharing that! It’s obvious that you’re still grateful for that moment. Sam, what was the last thing you were grateful for?

Sam: We don’t have to go far — recently, my wife and I were invited to a silent auction fundraising evening. It’s called the Invis Mortgage Intelligence Angels in the Night program.

What they do is fundraise throughout the year, and they use those funds to purchase warm clothing, and then they plan an evening where they get their clients, friends etc. together, and then you end up on a bus that’s going to visit two or three homeless shelters (depending on how much money was raised) to do a drop off. I’m happy to say that the second week of Dec I’m on the bus delivering those goods.

the friendlii crew:  Nice. Speaking of things we’re grateful for, music is one of those things we’re all grateful for. Sam, what is your favorite pump-up song, and why?

Sam: Oh! I’ve got a few. ‘Uptown Funk’ is one I really enjoy listening to in my car. I spend lots of time in my car traveling, so I do enjoy getting pumped up from time to time.

the friendlii crew:  Second last question: “Should I call or should I type?” How do you decide when communicating with a colleague or client?

Sam: I never really thought about it too hard before. But if I had to hazard an answer for you, I would say that I try to respond in the way that others reach out to me.

For example, if I see pattern of calls versus emails, I tend to call that person back. I tend to be a bit of chameleon that way. If it’s something that I’m initiating, I tend to lean towards the phone call. Nothing against email, but I like to talk to people, and you can get a better sense of someone over a call.

the friendlii crew:  What didn’t we ask you about, Sam, that you really wanted to share?

Sam: One thing that comes to mind is my nickname, ‘Wall Street.’ It’s something that I’m flattered by and very proud of.

But I did have to ask people what was behind it shortly after I first heard it. I was told that anytime they emailed me, for some reason, I responded very quickly. So, they said, “We don’t think that you sleep.”

I guess it comes from the movie ‘Wall Street’ and that line Michael Douglas said, “Money never sleeps.”

So, I guess nobody thinks I really sleep. Let me be the first to dispel that myth: I do. 😊

the friendlii crew:  Thank you again for your time and for sharing, Sam.

Sam: Let me say that this chat is such a unique and creative way to reach out to people in our sphere.

the friendlii crew:  Thanks, Sam! 👊🏼

p.s. Following our chats, we often ask our guests to do one unexpected and fun activity. For Sam, we asked him to draw a pie chart of his typical day. Below is his answer.


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