a friendlii chat with Mike Cameron, part II

the CEO of AXIOM


(If you missed it: Part I.)

the friendlii crew:  Mike, agree or disagree, Kevin Bacon’s fame is somehow tied to his last name being ‘bacon.’

Mike: Interesting… I’m going to go with a ‘no.’ There is definitely something in that name. 🙂

the friendlii crew:  Speaking of secrets to success, tell us three things about AXIOM which folks can’t Google.

Mike: Some of the charity work we do. For example, we just recently partnered with The REALTORS® Community Foundation (realtorscommunityfoundation.com) because they provide smaller grants to agencies/organizations that are not able to get funding. AXIOM matches whatever is raised by our members’ network.

It’s funny, but sharing this with you reminded me of why the mission of the REALTORS® Community Foundation resonated with us so much: we are all about giving, in general, and helping the little guy.

That takes me back down memory lane, and it brings me to the second thing which people probably can’t Google about us: we started as a non-profit co-op called the National Alliance of Independent Mortgage Brokers.

Our main goals were to help the independent broker (aka the little guy) level up and to give back to our members.

Eventually, being a non-profit organization turned out to be impractical, so we evolved into what people nowadays know as AXIOM. The heart of the company did not change: we are all about helping the independent broker.

The third thing which people can’t Google about us is the origin of our name. ‘AXIOM’ means a self-evident truth. We chose it, in part, because one of our mottoes is

the friendlii crew:  Can you now tell us three things about you which people can’t Google?

Mike:  First, my involvement with Men Edmonton (menedmonton.org).

It’s an organization that works on preventing male-perpetrated forms of violence, empowering men to speak out against male-perpetrated violence, and empowering men to take on positive roles through specific, daily actions.

For example, by being mindful of our language in our peer groups, and even the ways that we choose to interact with strangers in the streets, so that we can create a better city for the next generation.

Second, I can juggle. 🙂

Third, not that long ago, I started recording short videos. They were, originally, supposed to be 60-90 seconds long. But some of the ideas which were coming out became too big… so now the whole project is almost a book. 📖

the friendlii crew: Wow — congrats! Mike, if you were to give public tours of your company, what stops would you make?

Mike: I’d make sure we stop by and meet some of our amazing people. For example, our VP of operations, Connie Graham. She’s also known as “The Mike Whisperer” because she can get me to do things. Another stop I’d make would be Gord Ross because, in addition to being great at his job, he also tells great jokes.

the friendlii crew: While we’re talking about fun, what’s your favourite pump-up song?

Mike:  AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill,” the Iron Man 2 Version.

the friendlii crew: What was the last thing you were grateful for?

Mike: Breathing.

the friendlii crew:  “Should I call or should I type?” How do you decide when communicating with a colleague or client?

Mike:  I call almost 100% of the time.

the friendlii crew:  For those that may want to have your job one day, what do you recommend they start doing now?


The capacity to learn more about your nature is in you, and it can help you pave the path to your true purpose.

the friendlii crew:  Thank you again for your time and for sharing, and take care until next time, Mike! 🙂

p.s. Following our chats, we often ask our guests to do one unexpected and fun activity. For Mike, we asked him to draw a pie chart of his typical day. Below is his answer.



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