Sorry, but it looks like we dropped the ball with that question (What business are mortgage brokers in?) because it seems obvious that we didn’t explain it as well as we could have.

May we try it again? 🙂

OK, so the question is not ‘What do mortgage brokers do?’ The question is ‘What business are mortgage brokers in?’

There’s a big difference between those two questions.

Most of us have a good idea as to what a business does every day. But what business a business is in is a more challenging question to answer for most of us.

The host of CBC’s podcast ‘The Age of Persuasion’ (100% devoted to business and marketing), Terry O’Reilly, has almost an entire chapter devoted to the ‘what business are you in’ topic in his new book,

Let us share two quick examples from Terry’s book. Even though Apple makes computers, it is not in the computer business. This is part of why they completely dropped the word ‘computer’ from their name a few years ago. So, if Apple makes computers, but it’s not in the computer business, what business is it in? The answer: it’s in the personal empowerment business.

Another example is Molson: It makes beer, but isn’t in the beer business. It’s in the social lubrication/party business. 🙂

Let’s wrap this up: because we didn’t explain it as well as we could have, we’re going to add something extra to this draw. In addition to the $10 Starbucks gift card, we’ll include a copy of Terry O’Reilly’s new book — yay!

Please note that only those who answer the question ‘What business are mortgage brokers in?’ correctly will be entered into the draw.

Almost forgot: Feel free to re-enter our giveaway. Hope this helps! 😊