Rolling in the Dough 😊

You better believe it.


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be supporting perhaps the most beloved social media-driven giveaway in the mortgage industry.

It’s called Rolling in the Dough, this is its 4th year, and you can see more details about it here.

The giveaway officially starts on Nov 20, ’16, but, as a sponsor, we have a little surprise for you 💝. You can submit your entry anytime between now and then via this special link.

(The mint mortgage crew, aka the folks who run Rolling in the Dough, created this link for our readers/friends/fans/.)

If you send in your cookie by Nov 16, your name will be entered into a bonus draw for one of three fantabulous ‘hydrate the hustle’ water bottles (see below).


Go! 🙂

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