a friendlii chat with Sarah Schiess

The founder of mint mortgage

When you’re in the middle of an everyday, business-related conversation, how often do you feel like it could suddenly blossom into an evergreen story?

Not often, right? 😊

Unless… unless you’re talking to someone like Sarah Schiess, the founder of mint mortgage.

Most people have immense difficulty talking about things as they really are. Not Sarah. She’s got a rare ability to get to the gist of things with ease, a good pace, and empathy. All at once. 💝

That’s likely why Sarah tends to make more meaningful connections in one short chat than an average person does by attending five conferences.

“Just exactly how does she do it?” you might ask. 🎥

To start, Sarah lays out everything directly and sincerelyshe laughs often and enthusiastically. And yet, in the midst of all that zest, she also has surprisingly fine listening sensibilities.

She hears you like a good story hears you. You know, the kind of story in which, halfway through, you start wishing the writer could become a friend of yours that you could call up whenever you feel like it.

And that’s exactly how we felt as we were wrapping up our recent interview with her. What follows is our best effort to re-tell that fantabulous experience.

the friendlii crew: Sarah, agree or disagree: Kevin Bacon’s fame is somehow tied to his last name being ‘bacon.’


Sarah: Hahaha! 😄😄😄 You bet I agree that Kevin Bacon’s success is somehow tied to his last name being ‘bacon.’

the friendlii crew: Speaking of secrets to success, tell us three things about mint mortgage which folks can’t Google.


  • The first is the constant torrent of emotions which flow through mint mortgage, both online and offline. From frustration to love, from pain to relief, from fearing to be misunderstood to being joyfully embraced.


  • The second thing which people can’t Google about us is the Loop, aka our internal social/learning cloud-based lounge.

Whether it’s our Loop Tube video training sessions or the mintisms which we’ve developed or adopted (e.g. “you don’t have to be ill to get better”), the Loop is the place where we can all go to find a tip or get support re how to do something, even when we are not comfortable doing it.

Let me give you an example. It still gives me goosebumps. One of our crew members had to step-in to host a video training session. I connected with her to ask her if she was ready, and she said, “I’m never comfortable but I’m always wanting to get uncomfortable, so I’ll do it. ” I immediately saved that conversation — here’s a screen shot:


  • The third thing which people can’t Google about us is our never-ending GIFathons. We’re trying to out-GIF each other all the time. 😊 And it’s not uncommon to have our clients take part.


To be continued next week… You won’t want to miss it because next week Sarah will:

  • show you her pie chart of the day
  • tell you about the last thing she’s grateful for
  • tell you about her favourite pump-up song, and more.

But hey, don’t take our word for it — hit the play button below to take a sneak peek.


Part II is now available!


This chat is brought to you by TMG because it’s a practical demonstration of its commitment to:

  • Be active in the brokerage community.
  • Provide an environment where individuals grow professionally.
  • Advocate the benefits of the mortgage agent profession to lenders, consumers, and government agencies.

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