a friendlii chat with Scott Peckford, part II

aka the podcast Yoda of the mortgage industry


(If you missed it: Part I.)

the friendlii crew:  Only after someone’s heart opens can things really change. What opened your heart and made you start doing your podcasts? 💝

Scott: Curiosity drives most everything I do.

I’d been listening to podcasts, different business podcasts. I enjoyed them, so I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to talk to mortgage brokers and find out what they’re doing, to find out what’s working, and what’s not?

I’ve also always enjoyed having a 1-on-1 conversation and learning from others. The format was easy because everybody has access to the internet.

I initially recorded 10 episodes before I launched, mainly because I’d heard, someplace, that most podcasts die after only six episodes. So I figured, if it dies, it does so with a bit of dignity. 🙂

the friendlii crew:  What have you learned about people so far?


For example, along with our podcast, we also have a FB group. It has approximately 2,000 active members who help each other on a daily basis. That surprised us. It’s really cool to see how people who are basically strangers to one another are helping each other.

I’ve also met so many cool people, like Sarah [Schiess], and learned about many ways in which you can be successful in the mortgage industry. I was totally surprised to see how open people are on a daily basis and the speed with which you can connect with someone who may have the answer you’re looking for.

Most of the time, we’re competing with the bank down the street.

We really have to change our mindset around that and look for ways to help each other, because the average person really benefits from us being out there.

If it wasn’t for us, the marketplace for mortgages would look a lot like gasoline marketplace: everybody’s prices would always seem to change at the exact same time. There’s really no competition.

the friendlii crew:  What kind of impact are you most excited to have?

Scott:  I love coming up with solutions for my own problems, in my own business, and looking for ways to simplifying things. Sometimes those things are useful to other people, sometimes not.

the friendlii crew: Your podcasts motivate people. Speaking of motivation, what’s your favourite pump-up song?

Scott: It changes all the time. 🎧

I live in music and movie quotes.  For example, when someone asks us to do something we don’t feel comfortable with, I always play the song ‘Slim Shady.’ 🎤

There’s another one, the kids song ‘Big Green Monster.’ There’s a lyric in it that says, “Go away, big green monster, go away.” I think of it often when there’s a file that seems like a monster and wish for it to go away.

Once in a while, we get a prospective client who tells us that, in addition to getting an amazing mortgage, their bank will also cut their grass and deliver fresh milk to their front door every morning. To folks like them, I send a clip from the song ‘Take the Money and Run.’

the friendlii crew: Why do folks say things like, “They’ll cut my grass and deliver fresh milk”?

Scott: I exaggerated a bit! 😊

the friendlii crew:  Can you now tell us three things about you which people can’t Google?

Scott:  My wife Shannon is my secret weapon.

She’s very smart, intuitive, and has great business sense.

Here’s something else which people can’t Google about me: if I had to chose another profession, I would have probably been a school teacher.

I’m terrible with remembering names when I meet new people. But when I meet new kids, I remember their names every time. For example, when I meet new family, I usually don’t remember the names of the parents, but for some reason the names of their kids stick out vividly. I think it’s because I like kids.

The third thing which people can’t Google about me also has to do with kids.

Soon after we had our first child, I told my wife that we were going to have 10! She was like, “Are you nuts? We’re not having 10 kids!” So I said, “Okay, five.” And she was like, “We’re not having five kids!” So far we have three, but if it was up to me I would probably have 10 kids.

(Pictured above are Scott’s wife, Shannon, his daughters, Aliyana & Jiah, his son, Carson, and their mini-labradoodle, Lexi 🐶, aka probably the cutest dog you’ll see on the interwebs today.)

the friendlii crew:  You recently started a new podcast. How do these dots connect —  is there a bigger mission here?

Scott: Oh man! 😊

I already have four more in mind that I haven’t even done anything about yet. Some of them are not even mortgage related. It’s all sort of connected in my mind.

As for the new one, I had the domain askabroker.ca so I thought, “Maybe we can ask people to ask a question in audio format and have the guest answer it in the same way.” That’s how the new podcast got started.

the friendlii crew: We just met you, like, 20 minutes ago. Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like there’s one thread that connects a lot of things you do. Its name is a single word: empowerment. Agree or disagree?

Scott: Yes. I guess it’s all about education.

the friendlii crew: Last question: what was the last thing you were grateful for?

Scott: The new habit my wife introduced to our family this past August.

Like most people, I get back home from work after a busy day, and I’m, like, dead. We just got a dog, so one day Shannon was like, “Why don’t we get up early in the morning, like 6:30, and go for a hike with the kids?”

I was like, “Great idea!”

For the six weeks or so, every morning, we’d get up, we’d get the kids up, and then go hiking.

It’s such a great time with them, in part because they’re not getting the end of my day.

We shared so many stories, including some about some of the choices we made in the past (about college, etc.), and our kids got to know us better.

Those moments happened because my wife had an insight to rearrange our schedule and make space for them. And we enjoyed those moments so much so that we miss them now that school has started. This is why we’re trying to figure out something new now.

the friendlii crew:  What a great story! Thank you again for your time and for sharing, and take care until next time, Scott! 🙂

p.s. Following our chats, we often ask our guests to do one unexpected and fun activity. For Scott, we asked him to draw a pie chart of his typical day. Below is his answer.



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